CLEAN THE GAME offers a service to receive reports about corruption cases in football, anonymously and securely, guaranteed by a reliable and independent platform.

The information received will be analyzed and may lead to an investigation and news reports, besides being forwarded to the competent authorities.

If you suspect or know that a football club has been the victim of dishonest conduct – whether by the president, football executive, employees or service providers, intermediaries, coaches, or athletes – report it.


Corruption has a wide range of corrosive effects on football.

It allows crimes such as fraudulent or reckless management, misappropriation, and diversion, parallel accounting, foreign exchange evasion, maintenance of undeclared deposits abroad, manipulation of results, among others, to flourish.

Furthermore, the pervasive process of corruption may accelerate the collapse of sports institutions.

We know that reporting irregularities is not an easy task. However, your information is safe here.

This platform, which allows you to report misconduct in a protected manner, is developed by Whispli, a market leader.

Register anonymously and report illegal practices in football.


Clean the Game has the collaboration of crime-fighting agencies and investigative journalists from different countries.

It was organized by the columnist, doctor by training, and CEO of Sport Agency, Luiz Rocha.

Throughout his trajectory, which has already spanned 20 years, Luiz Rocha found that he was treading on “difficult” terrain, contaminated by non-transparent transactions and by corruption.

He saw, however, a challenge and an opportunity to do things differently, always guided by the principles of ethics and honesty.

From then onwards, besides working with footballers, fighting corruption in football became more than a necessity for him; it has become his mission.